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December 31, 2011
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To Applebloom, From Santa Hooves page 5 by WizardWannabe To Applebloom, From Santa Hooves page 5 by WizardWannabe
This is my comic entry for the Equestria Daily December Draw-off Contest. I really don't expect to win,
but my tablet is starting to get a bit weird on me. I think it's getting old. So I'm hoping for the best but expect the worst.
I know there is a lot of competition from some amazing artists.

Yes, I realise the irony of making a comic that attempts (unsuccessfully) to look like a children's picture book and reveals there is no Santa.
Is that irony? I can never remember if I'm using that correctly. Regardless, it's dumb, and I only noticed it about three quarters through, past the point of no return.

I actually had a better idea for a Hearth's Warming comic, but I realised, after writing it, two things. 1. It was way too long for me to complete in the time I had. I barely managed to get this done, and there's a bunch of panels I wish I could add to elaborate some unclear things.
2. It featured a catalystic OC, which, I remembered after writing it, was against the rules. Well, it says No OC's, at any rate.
Shame, because I thought my first idea was much better, it involved Diamond Dogs (of which the OC was one, a pup).

So I came up with this when a family friend was talking about her two sons, the eldest of which had stopped believing in Santa, and the youngest still did. The eldest still played along with it though, for his brother's sake. So I decided I would make a story about Applebloom finding out about it, but I still wanted a happy ending. So, instead of being angry, or hurt, she realises why Applejack (and Big Mac but I didn't have time
to add him or Granny) had been so busy lately, and where her presents really came from.
It was also slightly derived from the lengths parents/guardians will go to for their kids. My own parents never had a lot of money, but went out of their way to spoil me and my three siblings on christmas. I look back and realise I had no clue.

Well, that was the idea. I'm not sure how well it comes across. There were extra panels I wanted, like two dream panels in which Applebloom comes to her revelation and Applejack dreams that everyone is mad at her for ruining Hearth's Warming. A panel showing Applebloom wanting a nice new beautiful scarf she saw in a shop window. And an Epilogue panel in which Applejack asks why Applebloom had opened a present before everyone else was there (Granny's in the kitchen, she's been up for hours, she let Applebloom open one gift and Applebloom wanted to open this one, the
last one Applejack placed there). But, I've run out of time. Deadline's tonight.

Why do this with Applejack? Because she is best pony. Also, the whole parents thing is interesting. Lauren's FAQ was delicious to read on this.

I think it is extremely evident that I still need to learn a lot about colour, lighting, clarity and composition. Constructive crits are very appreciated.
Some of these panels fought me every step of the way. Or rather, my ignorance did. Especially in the last few. Warm coloured ponies against similar, warm coloured backgrounds was a nightmare that I, evidently, did not know how to handle. Despite this, I still feel like a learned a lot about colour doing these.

To see this sort of artstyle done a billion times better, see ~Pocket-Owl and her art here [link]

Page 1: [link]
Page 2: [link]
Page 3: [link]
Page 4: [link]

EDIT: I woke up this morning with over a thousand feedback messages. You guys. You guys. Thank you so much!
I'll try to respond as much as I can.
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D'awww... So adorable!!! Nice little bit of comic-ness you've made.
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Thank you!
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This comic was amazing. :)
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